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Floyd Mayweather has said Conor McGregor is scrambling to cut weight before Saturday's big fight. Here's how that works, and why it can be. "The Money Fight" is officially on after McGregor weighed in at 153 pounds and Mayweather clocked in at 149.5 pounds. FLOYD Mayweather believes Conor McGregor is struggling to make the weight for their fight, and “Money” is planning to cash-in if that happens. Whether you appreciate his style or consider him loud and excessive, there's no denying this about Conor McGregor: the UFC has seen nothing like him.

LAS VEGAS -- Spoiler alert: Conor McGregor is in no jeopardy of missing weight for his highly anticipated boxing match this weekend against. Conor McGregor is widely expected to suffer an ignominious defeat букмекеры в россии где he makes his professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather in. Conor McGregor is training for the [next] biggest fight of his career and, this time, he is on unfamiliar ground. Luckily, in a world gone increasingly bonkers, the. With four days to go until the much-anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on Aug.

26, the trash talk hasn't stopped. Though there was no controversy at Friday's weigh-in, Conor McGregor (153 pounds) predicted he will be the much bigger man come fight. Floyd Mayweather's fight against Conor McGregor this evening night looks likely to break all of boxing's box-office records Mayweather has an undefeated professional fight record of 49-0 with 26 knockouts McGregor's MMA fight record stands at 24 bouts, 21 wins and three defeats.

Макгрегор вес

Conor McGregor spectacularly defied Floyd Mayweather's prediction that he would fail to make the weight as they came to the scales before. Mayweather insinuated Tuesday that McGregor wouldn't make weight for the fight.

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The Irishman drained down in weight to ensure a significant size advantage in the £500m fight. His last gate was $1.7 million. He fights on free TV.

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He hasn't made the company a dime." McGregor also entertained the idea of challenging for the UFC Welterweight Championship, telling the media that "I will fight in many weight divisions.